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ahg-Trigger Shoe SENSOR for trigger 5018/5071/5065

ahg-Trigger Shoe SENSOR for trigger 5018/5071/5065
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Brand:  AHG Anshutz

AHG Anshutz

Trigger Sensor Mechanical Trigger ShoeProvided a direct trigger is given (no first stage), a mechanical trigger shoe can be used. Valuable time can be gained when pulling the trigger by direct adjustment.A short pulling time and using a precision spring reduces the interval of first stage and second stage remarkably and clearly on the second stage. Uncontrolled pulling, e.g. when stressing, is almost impossible.The weight of first stage is adjustable (screw 1) to 10 and 70 grams.The first stage distance is individually adjustable (screw 2). The contact surface is adjustable in height (screw 3).The trigger shoe is adjustable sidewise (screw 4) and turnable (screw 5). An ideal adjustment guarantees safe and clean pulling of the other words a clever and neat  accessory which has an adjustable spring tension. It is like a trigger in a trigger. It will actually convert a single stage trigger into a two-stage one. This spring tension will load the main trigger to 50-60 % of its let-off weight thus reducing the final trigger weight. Numbers are one thing but only trying this device will tell the feeling. It is like a whole new shot control mechanism was installed in the rifle.The accessory trigger shoe is dimensionally and geometrically adjustable. The first stage trigger weight is adjustable from 10 to 70 grams. Item Number 9718

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