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Lightnin' Grip Loader .22LR Speed Loader

Lightnin' Grip Loader .22LR Speed Loader
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Brand:  McFadden

The McFadden Lightnin' Grip Loader is the ultimate speed-loader for .22LR rimfire ammunition. Drop a box of 50 .22LR rounds into the hopper, give it a shake and load a 25 round magazine in 10-15 seconds!

Adapters available for:

•Smith & Wesson MP15-22
•Ruger 10/22 (aftermarket magazines only - NOT genuine Ruger BX magazines)
•AR15 / SIG 552
•Colt M4 / Beretta ARX160 / HK416
•CZ V22 (Black Dog Magazines)
•SIG 226 LBP
•GSG 1911
•GSG 522
•H&K Walther/Umerex MP5
•ISSC MK22 / Anschutz MSR RX22
•Marlin bolt action / Post-1988 semi-automatics
•Mossberg 702, 720 & 715 Tactical
•Remington 597
You will also need to order an adapter for your magazine type.
Adapters are available here for £8.00.

Magazine Compatibility List
The following magazines have been tested with the loader adapters. Other magazines will be added to the list as testing continues.

Smith & Wesson:

OEM S&W MP15-22 - S&W Adapter

German Sport Guns:

GSG 1911 .22LR 10 Shot - GSG 1911 Adapter

Sig Sauer:

25 round .22LR 522 Magazine - AR15 .22 Adapter


25 Round R3 - Colt M4 / Beretta ARX160 Adapter

Black Dog Machine:

AR15.22 Drum - AR15.22 Adapter

X Form Magazine - AR15.22 Adapter

Sonic Weld Mag - AR15.22 Adapter

Gen 2 Magazine - AR15.22 Adapter

10.22 25rd Stick Mag - CENTERED 10.22 Adapter


H&K 416 - Colt M4 / Beretta ARX160 Adapter - ** Loader modification required

H&K MP5 - H&K MP5 Walther/Umerex Adapter


Colt .22LR 30 round magazine (M4 / M16 / ARX160) - Colt M4 / Beretta ARX160 Adapter - ** Loader modification required


Archangel Nomad 25 round .22LR magazine for Ruger 10/22 - CENTERED 10.22 Adapter
Bolt action / Post-1988 semi-automatics - Marlin Adapter


702, 720,715 Tactical - Mossberg Adapter

Loader Modification:

For some extra wide magazines (HK416, Beretta ARX160, Colt M4), a modification is required to the loader body to enable the magazine to be seated and removed easily. Simply file approximately 1.5mm (1/16th inch) from the lower area where the magazine rubs as shown in the image below. If you would like us to perform the modification for you just drop us a message with your order.

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