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SCATT MX-02, dry + live firing cal. 4.5mm-308W, 3-300m, cable to sensor. No special target. Min 1500 lux recommended on target.

SCATT MX-02, dry + live firing cal. 4.5mm-308W, 3-300m, cable to sensor. No special target. Min 1500 lux recommended on target.
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The Scatt sets the standard for electronical analysing and training devices since many years. A hit on a paper target or with an electronic target only tells the result of a shot. Nothing about the performance behind the shot. The Scatt analyse tells the shooter or coach how the shot was made. The time to develop one’s skills shortens considerably with an effective analysing tool. For many shooters on international level regular training with the Scatt is a must. After every shot the Scatt updates the statistics of the shooters performance which is saved in the computer. A bit into a training session the shooter can determine ‘how am I performing today’ and make necessary corrections before unnecessary time and/or ammo is wasted. The Scatt results are saved and can be studied at any time after the training session. Many shooters with limited time available use the possibility to practice at home with a minimum of time wasted.


Before selecting a Scatt model the shooter needs to think over in which situations he/she will use the Scatt. The Scatt versions requiring a Scatt own target, with wire from your computer to the target, need time to set up and may be complicated to use on your club’s 10 m range. The MX-2 needs only a normal target and can be used with live firing.


All Scatt models can be used indoors. All models (except MX-2 which is a ’camera’) are working with a completely harmless low energy infrared light (IR). Fluorescent light contains IR light. This means that the Scatt sensor should not be aimed directly at a fluorescent light during shooting or the point of hit may move on the computer screen Scatt target. Sunlight contains IR light and may have the same effect. For the MX-2 a minimum of 1500 lux on the target is recommended which is the minimum according to ISSF rules for 10 m airgun indoor ranges.


If you will use the Scatt outdoors the MX-2 model is to be preferred. It is not sensitive to infrared light and can be used using live firing with calibers up to 338. The MX-2 ‘sees’ the target and functions only with a correct size black bull target for the discipline chosen. If shooting for example ISSF 300 m there ought to be a few empty targets on both sides as otherwise the Scatt device maybe will be confused and not find the target. On the web there are several good videos with advices and experience of the Scatt.

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