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Anschutz 9015 ONE .177 Match Air Rifle 640mm Barrel

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Brand:  Anschutz


Anschutz 9015 ONE Match Air Rifle .177 (4.5mm) - 640mm Barrel


A stock that surpasses everything that has existed before and represents the pinnacle of technical evolution. Numerous infinite adjustment possibilities offer the shooter an almost infinite flexibility in adapting the stock to individual needs. Due to these adjustment ranges and the balanced weight, this stock can already be used by junior shooters.

The ONE stock grows with the shooter and can even be easily converted to the benchrest version as standard. Thanks to the multifunctional design, the stock can be used for all air rifle disciplines and types of shooting. These and many other innovations have been implemented in close cooperation with successful top air rifle shooters. All components in direct contact with the body are made of high-quality walnut and give the shooter a natural feel at position.

The use of high-quality materials such as stainless steel or high-strength aluminium not only gives the ONE stock enormous and unique stability, but also offers complete rust protection and guarantees the longest possible service life.


Barreled action - 9015

The 11 mm ANSCHÜTZ prism rail enables fast and stable attachment of sighting line elevations or extensions as well as the mounting of a diopter. The ANSCHÜTZ compressed air cylinders are screwed into the air rifle barreled action via a high-strength and smooth-running fine thread. The 11 mm grooved rail on the underside of the muzzle tube allow quick mounting of a scatt unit.

  • New maintenance-free stabilizer MAX.
  • Revolutionary firing pin and valve system for even smoother ready to fire.
  • Optimised flow behaviour.
  • Recoil and vibration-free compressed air rifle barreled action.
  • Extremely short locktime.
  • Extremely finely adjustable match trigger with axial ball bearings.
  • Optimised process of cocking.
  • Special concept for dry firing and securing.
  • Air filter against impurities.

Trigger- 5065 4K Consistent from the first-stage to second-stage.

ANSCHÜTZ match triggers have always set standards in quality, reliability and precision. With the newly developed, patented trigger 5065 4K ANSCHÜTZ presents to the top sport a mechanical trigger, which surpasses all previous ANSCHÜTZ Triggers. You could probably say it is the world's best mechanical trigger.

  • The patented trigger 5065 4K impresses with its unprecedented extremely short release time. The axial ball bearing (4K = 4 balls, marked yellow) of the trigger lever guarantees an absolutely backlash-free bearing of the trigger blade. The resulting harmonious and evenly running first stage travel leaves nothing to be desired. The very clear contrast when reaching the pressure point gives the shooter a very precise contact with the shot.
  • The high-strength housing of the trigger protects the more than 50 finely lapped and filigree individual parts of this trigger.
  • The axial ball bearing (4K) guarantees the play-free bearing of the trigger blade. This guarantees an impressive and always even first stage.
  • The aluminum trigger blade can be adjusted in many ways, whether swivelling, moving lengthwise or adjusting the height.

ONE - stock A stock that surpasses everything that has gone before!

The design should not be determined by the technology, but design and technology must work together in an unprecedented and unique combination. This is how this new, innovative and ergonomic stock design was created in cooperation with renowned designers and our engineers. Its incredibly narrow construction gives the shooter a feeling of freedom in the position that has never been known before. Discover these new, unprecedented possibilities for yourself and your success.

  • Thanks to the innovative and absolutely stable parallel adjustment, with the patent-pending quick release, the height of the buttstock can be adjusted with just one screw. The butt plate always remains at the same angle.
  • The Cheek piece can be infinitely adjusted in almost any direction and can thus be optimally adapted to each shooter.
  • By simply loosening just one screw, the buttstock incl. grip can be separated from the fore-end in seconds and then reassembled with repeat accuracy and backlash-free to form a 100 % tight connection.
  • Thanks to the innovative adjustment of the fore-end raiser block, the hand rest can be moved along the forearm and rotated directly under the barrel axis. This optimised centre of gravity ensures maximum rest stability. Furthermore, the rifle can be converted to a benchrest version in just a few steps. The fore-end raiser block, with the patent-pending ANSCHÜTZ quick-release fastener, offers the possibility of infinitely adjusting the height of the hand rest. The displayed dimension indicates the absolute distance of the hand rest to the barrel axis. The integrated aluminum UIT rail offers the possibility to mount a hand stop.
  • The high-strength fore-end encloses the cylinder, creates stability and offers space for additional weights.
  • Bearing block for optimum alignment of the air rifle precision barrel. Furthermore, there is an integrated thread on the underside for attaching a ONE bipod. This allows the ONE air rifle to be put down safely.

Butt plate- ONE Stainless steel butt plate with ONE-Spacer

The revolutionary butt plate made of high-strength stainless steel, consists of self-supporting elements and offers unprecedented adjustment possibilities. The ONE-Spacer allows an extension of the maximum canopy setting by 11.5 mm according to valid ISSF rules.

The feedback rod allows the shooter to set a constant contact point in the buttstock area. Furthermore, the feedback rod allows the attachment of weight rings.

  • The self-supporting elements offer unprecedented adjustment possibilities.
  • The butt plate allows almost any shape (see ISSF rules and regulations).
  • The feedback rod allows the shooter to set a constant contact point in the buttstock area. Furthermore, the feedback rod allows the attachment of weight rings. The feedback rod is ISSF compliant with the rules if it is not mounted on the lower half of the butt plate. It is not possible to mount the feedback rod on the ANSCHÜTZ ONE-butt plate. The ISSF rule-compliant illustration shows the assembly at of the guide column and additionally above the ONE-butt plate. The ONE-Spacer allows a stronger curvature of the cap elements by shifting the contact point by 10 mm towards the shoulder.

Grip - ONE Lies perfectly in the hand

Grips are made of beautifully grown, oiled walnut.

The grip can be infinitely rotated, swivelled and moved. This allows an optimal grip setting for every shooter. The newly developed grip shape with a grooved inside allows the shooter to bring the rifle even closer to the body at position. The grip can be selected in sizes S, M and L.

***Please note that Anschutz Rifles are not supplied with sights. Any sights in the photographs are purely for illustrative purposes only

Supplied with:

  • Transport rifle case MEGA
  • 2 ONE spacers incl. fastening screws
  • 3 weight rings with 25 g each
  • Bar for Centra front sight M18
  • Eyeshade
  • Steel column sight raiser block XXL
  • ONE-balance weight for stock with 100 g
  • ONE clamp weight for muzzle tube with 80 g
  • ONE clamp weight for barrel with 50 g
  • Accessories box with air release screw, filling adapter with drain plug, special grease, tool set, lock washers, O-rings, protective sleeve for compressed air cylinder, user manual with original-test fire group

Technical Data

Barreled Action 9015         Stock  9015 ONE
Caliber .177 (4.5mm)   Material Aluminum, Steel
Number of Grooves 12   Length of Stock 815 - 915mm
Twist Rate 480 mm   Length of Pull 305 - 405mm
Length of Barrel 25.20"/640mm    Weight of Stock, approx 2 kg
Muzzle Diameter 18mm   Butt Plate ONE Stainless Steel Butt Plate
Weight of Barreled Action, approx 2.68 kg      
Trigger 5065 4K      
Kind of Trigger Two Stage Trigger      
Trigger Weight Adjusted 100g      
Adjustment of Trigger Weight 30 - 170g      
Cant of Trigger Shoe - Right/Left 11mm      
Adjustment of Trigger Shoe - Forward/Backward 22mm      

*Weights and lengths are approximate and will depend on the configuration chosen

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