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KG-10 Micro Moly Dry Lube

KG-10 Micro Moly Dry Lube
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To ensure that the lubricant and coating stay on longer, the film has to adhere firmly onto the metalís surface. KG-10 Micro Moly Dry Lube, a dry no-mess lubricant, goes on wet, enabling it to penetrate into the metalís microscopic tubules and leave a pure Moly dry film that doesnít attract dust or dirt.

Brand:  KG

KG-10 Moly Dry film Lubricant is a highly effective MOS2 multi-purpose lubricant which greatly reduces friction and wear. KG-10 goes on wet, penitrates into the metal, drys leaving a pure Moly dry film that will protect and lubricate without attracting dirt or dust. Use KG-10 Dry Lube where a dry no-mess lubricant is required i.e. Triggers, slides, etc...

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