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Colour: Silver,  Rifle: Anschutz,  Fitting: ShortColour: Silver,  Rifle: Anschutz,  Fitting: Short SR (Quick Release)Colour: Silver,  Rifle: Anschutz,  Fitting: LongColour: Silver,  Rifle: Feinwerkbau,  Fitting: Short
Colour: Silver,  Rifle: Feinwerkbau,  Fitting: Short SR (Quick Release)Colour: Silver,  Rifle: Feinwerkbau,  Fitting: LongColour: Silver,  Rifle: Walther,  Fitting: ShortColour: Silver,  Rifle: Walther,  Fitting: Short SR (Quick Release)
Colour: Silver,  Rifle: Walther,  Fitting: LongColour: Black,  Rifle: Anschutz,  Fitting: ShortColour: Black,  Rifle: Anschutz,  Fitting: Short SR (Quick Release)Colour: Black,  Rifle: Anschutz,  Fitting: Long
Colour: Black,  Rifle: Feinwerkbau,  Fitting: ShortColour: Black,  Rifle: Feinwerkbau,  Fitting: Short SR (Quick Release)Colour: Black,  Rifle: Feinwerkbau,  Fitting: LongColour: Black,  Rifle: Walther,  Fitting: Short
Colour: Black,  Rifle: Walther,  Fitting: Short SR (Quick Release)Colour: Black,  Rifle: Walther,  Fitting: Long
Our Price:  £480.00(Inc. 20% VAT)

Brand:  Mec Centra

Mec Centra

Extrem slim and compact
■The Spy is one of the most successful rearsights
■Antiglare tube
■ 24 clicks (0,02mm each)
■Ideal for balanced standing, off-hand and supported
■Ideal for wind-shooting

■It is now available with the SR fast-action mounting mechanism. It can be fitted in place quickly and securely using one hand. After all, every second counts in a final.
■Other important considerations besides speed include stability, reliability and durability. We have therefore made all the mounting elements from.

■Antiglare tube
■24 clicks (0,02mm each)
■Ideal for balanced standing, off-hand and supported
■Ideal for wind-shooting

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