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Delivery Terms & Conditions and Refunds


***Please note Royal Mail and Courier Companies are under extreme pressure at present due to the high level of shipping above and beyond the usual levels. They are facing staff absences due to COVID and therefore there may be additional delays in your order reaching you which are outwith our control.***

Are Items in Stock?

  • EMRR runs a live stock system, if it is in stock we aim to ship in the UK within 4 working days, using Royal Mail, Parcel Force or DPD/Interlink
  • Please note we are not Amazon, we are a family run business. We will ship as fast as we can but we are not able to offer same day delivery (it has been asked for..).

Shipping of Firearms

  • All firearms will be shipped to your specified RFD (they may charge you for receiving and handling the transfer) or collected from our shop.

Shipping of Ammunition

  • Please note we cannot ship Ammunition, this must be done by face to face transfer and you must have a valid FAC permitting you to purchase the caliber and quantity of ammunition ordered
  • We are also unable to ship primers or powders, these must be collected face to face.

Special Order Items

  • Some items may require special order from the manufacturers/wholesalers and will be shipped to you as soon as possible although we try to hold as much stock on our shelves as possible to facilitate speedy shipping. If items are marked delayed despatch this means they are special order items.

Overseas Shipping

  • For over seas shipping please contact us prior to placing an order and we will arrange a quote for shipping (we can ship to most parts of the world subject to product & legal restrictions).
  • We have had a lot of enquiries from the US for the shipping of Primers to the US. This is not possible as they require face to face transfer in the UK.


We hold a large selection of products from the following brands, out of stock items are deliver as soon as available depending on suppliers stock holding and delivery times. Approximate Delivery Times:

AHG Anschutz                           10-14 days

Anschutz (Rifles)                      8-24 Weeks

CADEX                                        16-20 Weeks

CMMG                                        16 Weeks subject to export restrictions

Kurt Thune                                2-4 Weeks (Made to Measure 8 - 14 Weeks)

Rika Eigenbrod                          5-8 Weeks

SUIS Ascor Targets                   6-8 Weeks

Walther                                     2-20 Weeks (Rifles up to 20 Weeks). Please note we cannot source spares for the discontinued Walther HK MP5 rifles, we have tried but they are very difficult to obtain.

These times are a guide only, subject to availability with our European Suppliers, any UK distributors, and where applicable US Export Licences.


The delay between ordering and delivery can be between 6 weeks and 4 months in general. All orders are sent to our suppliers and are then allocated against production in a strict date order and join their waiting list. We have no control over this waiting list which is fully controlled in Germany and allows for fair allocation and delivery not just in Europe but in Europe and the Rest of the World. Once the products are dispatched to us they are allocated firmly in date order.


EMRR also imports and has UK distribution for a number of companies in the United States and Canada. We aim to ship several times a year for each brand however US domestic issues can affect supply. Generally the US domestic market is given priority over shipments to outside the US which can cause frustrating delays for us and for the customer. There can be delays in the shipping process through customs at both ends. We will do our best to give an estimate of when our next shipment is due. It should also be noted that any firearms require proofing through the UK Proof House which can take several weeks depending on the current workload of the Proof Houses. We try our best to get the items to you as quick as we can and thoroughly appreciate our customers patience in any delays encountered.


EMRR do not support 'Grey Imports' from the EU. All Rifles and Pistols are tracked by serial number through the supply chain. Grey imports (not through the official UK supply chain) will find that they have no warranty or support from the UK distributors and would need any issues dealt with through your European supplier.

Return Policy

Please see our Terms and Conditions for our Refund Policy

All goods must be returned within 30 days. Return Postage or Shipping is at Customers Expense.

Out of Office note

Please note we are not Amazon, we are a family run business.

We will ship as fast as we can but we are not able to offer same day delivery (it has been asked for..).

If we are marked as closed or out of the office we truly are not answering emails or the phone. We clearly display these dates for the year ahead on the website, on the top webpage banners at the time of any closures, and on our email out of office notifications.

Orders, and enquiries, will be dealt with on our return into the office. We thank you for your patience.

Thank you to all our loyal and new customers for continuing to support us during these challenging times
Due to the ongoing pandemic we are operating with a reduced staff and opening hours.
Online ordering is always available,  FREE SHIPPING ON UK ORDERS OVER £30 (Excluding Ammunition, Firearms & Bulky Items )
Take care and thank you for your support. Andrew, Helen and the EMRR Shop Team
HAPPY NEW YEAR - Not in Tier 10.9 Yet! - Still supporting our customers