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LG400 Master Manufaktur

LG400 Master Manufaktur
LG400 Master ManufakturLG400 Master ManufakturLG400 Master Manufaktur
LG400 Master ManufakturLG400 Master Manufaktur
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Brand:  Walther


The newly established Walther Master Workshop (“Meister Manufaktur” in German), headed by experienced master gunsmith Matthias Schulzendorf,
makes firearms that are absolutely unique. Working closely with his customers, Schulzendorf builds one-of-a-kind guns that bear his engraved signature and the famous Walther ribbon logo.

Anything is possible, whether it is an air rifle stock made of figured walnut burl, a PPQ frame with a Cerakote coating and matching holster or a pistol with an exclusive hard chrome finish. The options also include sophisticated technical features like custom-tuned triggers for service pistols, alternative functional elements or special sights. By developing a relationship of trust with his customers, Matthias Schulzendorf is able to produce a result that when finally completed is nothing less than “my Walther”. As a longtime Walther employee, he knows everything about production at the company. He is familiar with the machinery and can always draw on the know-how of his colleagues at the factory. But the mastercraftsman, who received his training in the famous gunsmithing town of Suhl, is always ready to add his own personal touch or give practical shooting tips.

How do I obtain “my” Master Manufaktur Walther firearm?

Please contact EMRR to discuss your initial ideas and we can provide the basic information to set you on your way to developing your unique custom Walther LG400. This service is only available on new firearms.

EMRR will go through the full details of your requirements, the various possible alternatives and of course the final price. Maual labour and the customization are not cheap but the price will be fair and transparent. When the plans have been drawn up, you’ll be told roughly how long the work will take. This may depend on a number of factors that are not under the workshop's control, such as the current order intake, the need to procure specialparts or the time required for delivery by external finishing companies, such as those that provide Cerakote coatings.

Finally, you will be notified that your new Walther firearm has been completed. Walther will carefully pack it, insure it and send it to us to be picked up.

When can we start work on “your” new Walther?

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