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Anschutz 22 MAX

Anschutz 22 MAX
Anschutz 22 MAXAnschutz 22 MAXAnschutz 22 MAX
Anschutz 22 MAXAnschutz 22 MAXAnschutz 22 MAX
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Brand:  Anschutz


NEW for 2024 - release date tbc


Available in 3 Versions

  • 22 MAX with hook butt plate MAX and fore-end riser block
  • 22 MAX with hook butt plate MASTER, without fore-end riser block
  • 22 MAX without the hook butt plate and fore-end riser block

Please note any photos showing sight sets are for illustration only, these rifles are supplied as standard without sight sets. 

22 MAX - Maximum performance.

The new ANSCHÜTZ Premium small bore sporting rifle was developed with this claim in mind. Numerous innovative details make this small bore rifle the master of its class. A worldwide unique, completely newly developed bolt system, a concept for the storage of the barreled action in the stock trimmed to the highest precision, as well as the highest demands on the selection of the materials used. All this at high end premium level - 22 MAX!

The worldwide unique bolt action, the polymer ball for individual oscillation behavior of the ANSCHÜTZ precision barrel and the well-known world-class

Barreled Action - 22 MAX

Highest precision - that is what the 22 MAX was developed for. The unique bolt action, the polymer ball for individual oscillation behaviour of the ANSCHUTZ precision barrel and the well known world class trigger 5018 ensures the smallest scattering circles. 

Bolt - 22 MAX Unique Bolt Action

The very light and short firing pin of the 22 MAX barreled action guarantees minimum shot development times. In addition, the firing pin hits the cartridge centrally at the lower case edge, which causes a uniform ignition of the propellant charge and has a positive effect on the overall precision of this high-end small-bore rifle as a further detail.

To access the 22 MAX to set the safety, the loading lever, which is by a ball detent safe , can be easily pulled off, thus preventing the operation and cocking of the rifle. The large, symmetrically designed breech claws evenly dissipate the breech forces and provide maximum safety. The Barreled action can be adjusted by sliding safety to set the safety. Furthermore, the bolt can be removed quickly and easily by loosening the two safety slides on both sides.

Trigger - 5018

Fitted with the 5018 trigger ensures the smallest scattering circles. With a set trigger weight of 125 g the trigger weight can be adjusted from 60 g - 490 g to suit your individual needs. The trigger blade can be moved, swivelled and adjusted in height.

Barreled Action Precison - 22 MAX Individual Vibration Behaviour

The barreled action's floating bearing holds the barrel radially in position using a polymer ball. The elasticity of the polymer ball allows the material to expand without tension due to the heat generated by the ready to fire . Furthermore, the barrel bearing block in which the polymer ball is mounted can be freely displaced and thus adjusted to the individual vibration behavior of the barrel. This has the advantage of tuning the barrel for a wide variety of ammunition types without having to attach additional weights to the tube. Thus, the balance of the rifle remains almost unchanged.

Stock 22 MAX Innovative, Ergonomic, Breathtaking

Innovative details make the stock what it is: unique! Whether it's the innovative grip connection with memory function, the ergonomic 9° angle of the buttstock for excellent contact of the head with teh cheek piece or the many individual adjustment options on the fore-end raiser block, butt plate and cheek piece.

Butt Plate - 22 MAX Full contact to each shoulder (Not included on some options)

The butt plate has been designed for optimum contact with the shoulder. Length and height of the butt plate can be adjusted continuously and have adjustment wheels for fine adjustment. The hook can be swiveled 50 degrees to the left or right, the rear hook element can also be adjusted by 30 degrees. The feature that makes butt plate so unique is the eight contact elements. These make it possible to adjust to the individual shape of each shooter's shoulder and thus create an even, full contact. The contact elements can be freely offset to find the optimum contact point. The four middle contact elements can also be moved to the left and right, and the four outer ones can be swiveled up or down.

Cheek Piece - 22 MAX Relaxed head position

Versatile adjustment options that inspire. The front Allen screws lie directly on the stock and can thus be used for rough height adjustment. Continuous fine adjustment of the height is possible via the red adjustment wheel. The jaw support can be moved continuously forwards or backwards. To do this, it can be tilted by up to 15 degrees using the small adjustment wheels on the rear.

Fore-end raiser block - 22 MAX (Not included on some options)

The innovative palm rest can be loosened and fixed extremely quickly with the help of the red quick-release fastener with only 1/4 turn for maximum time savings in the 3-position competition. The palm rest has a very compact design, has an extremely grippy base plate and can be moved to the right and left as well as to front and rear, thus placing the center of gravity as close as possible to the shooter. Another advantage is the maximum flexibility of mounting individual base plates without having to sacrifice the wide range of adjustment options. The laterally mounted fine adjustment wheels allow horizontal and lateral tilting of the palm rest. Optionally, the height of the palm rest can be increased by intermediate plates for the maximum best position.

Grip - 22 MAX Integrated memory function

The grip made of walnut wood with a non-slip coating can be mounted and changed quickly and easily, with a decisive advantage: the settings of the grip, such as the inclination and rotation, are made by via the grip attachment integrated in the grip. The advantage is obvious:: for each stop position, a grip can be mounted, adjusted and dismounted again. Thus, the grips with all the settings made can he changed depending on the discipline with just one screw, similar to what is already used with the butt plates.

Tube - 22 MAX Optimal sighting line

The 660 mm barrel is extended by the muzzle tube. This allows the front sight to be continuously shifted to 250 mm and the sighting line length to be adjusted to the individual wishes of each shooter. On the underside of the muzzle tube is a prism rail for attaching a SCATT unit.

Scaling - 22 MAX Fine tuning down to the millimeter

Continuous and consecutive numbering of the scales across the entire rifle and all attachments prevents confusion of the settings that are made and noted. A defined number describes a fixed point on the rifle. Each number occurs only once.

Supplied with:

  • Transport rifle case MEGA
  • hand stop 6226
  • Long jaw support
  • Original test fire group
  • Tool set

Technical Specifications

Total Length 1200 - 1250mm
Length of Aim 660 - 1000mm
Barrel Length 660mm
Length of Pull 310 - 360mm
Length of Stock 770 - 820mm
Trigger 5018 Two Stage Trigger
Trigger Weight 125g
Trigger Weight Range 60 - 490g
Weight of Rifle 6.160 kg





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