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NEW Anschutz 54.30 ONE

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NEW 54.30 ONE

The revolutionary ONE stock design for the ANSCHÜTZ small bore Barreled action 54.30 - The upgrade for your sporting rifle!

Upgrade to a modern aluminum stock and reach new sporting heights with your familiar Barreled action. With a modern, futuristic, elegant design and optimum comfort, the ONE stock design offers flexibility and precision at the same time.

Configurable as right-hand and left-hand version.

Please note any photos showing sight sets are for illustration only, these rifles are supplied as standard without sight sets. 

Barreled action - 54.30 Combines decades of experience with modernity

The new ANSCHÜTZ Target small bore barreled action 54.30 is the further development of the legendary ANSCHÜTZ Match 54 barreled action. Barreled action 54.30 combines new ideas and requirements from the modern target shooting with components that have been tried and tested for decades. The basis for the new development is the well-known and proven Barreled action Match 54.

The ejection window has been moved back by 30 mm and reduced in size by 18%. This improves the ergonomics when shooting and increases the stiffness of the case by 33%. The bolt and the firing pin were shortened by 30 mm. The weight of the firing pin has been reduced, thus reducing the locktime with the same force of the firing pin spring. The shooting performance is further improved by the newly developed match cartridge bearing.

In the Barreled action Match 54.30, the barrel is screwed deeply into the sleeve in order to distribute the tension created in the joint as evenly as possible and over a large area.

Maintenance-friendly and durable overall construction, as usual with ANSCHÜTZ.

Trigger - 5018 The perfect interface between man and rifle ANSCHÜTZ triggers are known worldwide for their quality.

The trigger 5018, which breaks like glass, leaves nothing to be desired. With a set trigger weight of 125 g, this trigger leaves our factory in Ulm. The trigger weight can be adjusted from 60 g - 490 g to suit your individual needs.

The trigger blade can be moved, swivelled and adjusted in height. 

Stock - ONE Pioneering design The forward-thinking design of the ONE stock enables seamless integration of an existing 54.30 barreled action and can be perfectly adapted to it. A self-centering synthetic clamping sleeve connects the stock and barreled action and ensures a unique and always consistent vibration behavior - similar to a wooden stock!

In addition, many existing ONE air rifle stock accessories can be fitted to the rear stock. It is also possible to fit the complete ONE air rifle rear stock! The grip can be selected in sizes S, M and L

System connection - ONE The new ONE stock design delivers unmatched freedom and enhanced ergonomics to your rifle. With advanced in line clamping the barrel is fully free floated whist transferring recoil in line with the bore for superior feel and handling.

Steel core - ONE Perfectly balanced The core of the rear stock is made of high-quality steel. This creates a counterweight to the fore-end, which balances it perfectly. The rear stock is offset by 20 mm, allowing the rifle to be brought even closer to the body.

Butt plate connection - ONE The ONE stock comes with the familiar PRECISE butt plate carrier. This offers the familiar and proven option of mounting a wide range of butt plates from all well-known manufacturers. 

Existing PRECISE butt plates or ANSCHÜTZ butt plate 4765 (formerly 2213-8700) can also be fitted without any problems.

Cheek piece connection - ONE The red safety ring enables a positive fit with the rear stock. This makes it easy to mount the cheek piece quickly and with repeat accuracy. The advantage of this safety ring is obvious: a complete cheek piece can be purchased and perfectly adjusted for each shooting position.

Thanks to the positive fit, the safety ring guarantees that the various cheek pieces are always positioned consistently without having to make any changes to the cheek piece itself.

Hand stop - ONE Thanks to the lowest possible connection of the hand stop close to the barrel axis, the shooter has even better control in the prone position. Thanks to this design, the fore-end can be fully gripped. This ensures even more stability and a more relaxed shooting position.

Supplied with:

  • Transport rifle case MEGA
  • VARIO-palm rest 4844
  • ONE-hand stop
  • PRECISE butt plate carrier
  • Quick couplers adapter
  • Assembly instructions
  • Tool set
  • Quality control card with original test fire group


Technical Data

Total Length

1250 - 1300mm

Length of Aim 750 - 1000mm
Barrel Length 660mm
Length of Pull 315 - 365mm
Length of Stock 970 - 1020mm
Trigger 5018 Two Stage Trigger
Trigger Weight 125g
Trigger Weight Range 60 - 490g
Weight of Rifle 5.64kg


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